Improv Comedy Podcasts

Future Fiction Theatre 2099 is an improv comedy fan fiction podcast! (That's a thing.) Every episode is a comedic retelling and summary of an existing property from movies, television, video games or literature. Usually, it's something I liked from the 90s. If you enjoy "theater of the mind" style radio shows, very bad impressions, or the sound of one man talking to himself, this may be the podcast for you!

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video games played live

Sometimes I stream video games on my Twitch channel, including such classics as KNACK, KNACK 2, and DOGCHILD. Every once in a while, I may also play something that's actually good. Subscribe to Twitch to watch it live, or occasionally find edited versions on YouTube.



Text Adventure Games

Here are a couple of text adventure games that I designed, wrote and programmed using the Quest software. Unfortunately, there are bugs present that I never got around to fixing and some puzzles with solutions that are a little too obscure and difficult for my liking. Still, these are proof that I can conceive of a game concept and actually see it through to completion!


The Ultimate Museum

Dolphin Rap

This is a rap song sung from the perspective of a dolphin, which I wrote and recorded on top of some free music and dolphin sound effects I found online.

I think it speaks for itself.

Dolphin Rap 2

This is a sequel to the first dolphin rap.

It's better than the original.