I used to post cynical review videos of theme parks and other tourist attractions. Sometimes... I still do (very sometimes). This Disney World vid is the latest and greatest and probably the only one you should watch.

Text Adventure Games

Here are a couple of text adventure games that I designed, wrote and programmed using the Quest software. Unfortunately, there are bugs present that I never got around to fixing and some puzzles with solutions that are a little too obscure and difficult for my liking. Still, these are proof that I can conceive of a game concept and actually see it through to completion!


The Ultimate Museum

Dolphin Rap

This is a rap song sung from the perspective of a dolphin, which I wrote and recorded on top of some free music and dolphin sound effects I found online.

I think it speaks for itself.

Dolphin Rap 2

This is a sequel to the first dolphin rap.

It's better than the original.